When Venezuela wasn't a shit hole

Sep 2018
cleveland ohio
What complete and total bullshit from start to finish! Hugo Chavez may not have been a great administrator or political theorist, BUT what he did, and why American leaders of both parties and the global corporate and banking establishment hated Chavez was because he was taking the billions of dollars that came in every year in oil profits and redistributing it to the poor and largely indigenous tribes of Venezuela...who represent more than half of the population of Venezuela/but never had a voice in previous governments...same as the indigenous of Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador until the "Pink Tide" revolutions occurred!

The problem is....and this is where a lot of clueless boobs in America and the rest of the west have been bamboozled by corporate propaganda, was that Chavez never was a Marxist or a real socialist in the first place, and likely didn't even understand that his 'Bolivarian Revolution' was just the typical social democrat capitalist strategy that existed all across western europe...until recent times as they are also being ravaged and looted by neoliberals!

Maduro took over after Chavez mysteriously died from an incredibly fast-acting form of cancer that took out a few other left of center leaders in South America like Ernesto Kirschner of Argentina. Maduro has tried to maintain the status quo under a landscape of collapsing oil prices with an economy that has remained privately owned and run by hostile forces, and so has become endangered by international capital markets.

The facts remain that if Venezuela was a real socialist nation like Nicaragua or Cuba, it would have been much, much better insulated from US attempts at regime change! Instead, Venezuela is in the same positiion that Chile was in the early 70's after electing....yes, electing a Communist government, Henry Kissinger and Nixon's other henchmen declared they were going to make the Chilean economy scream! Because Chile was also a resource export-dependent nation just like Venezuela today.

So, we'll see what happens, BUT it is as unlikely today that most Venezuelans...despite the deprivations they've suffered over the last 10 years will accept a man (Guiado) who 82% of the Country never heard of when it was announced that he was their new leader a week ago! Fact is guido was just an unknown puppet for Leopoldo Lopez the Party ruler...who would have been executed if he had did what he had done in the US: took part in the 2002 military coup against Hugo Chavez and imprisoned the Interior Minister and other government officials while the coup leaders attempted to consolidate control. Later in 2014, he was implicated in the rioting and murders committed by many of his supporters in their attempt to overthrow the government. And he's been playing the burning martyr ever since because he wasn't allowed to run for president. He should have been executed!




people are eating rats .. again.. we've been through this like 100 times
Dec 2016
people are eating rats .. again.. we've been through this like 100 times
The claims you made in the OP are bullshit revisionist history that can't explain how or why Chavez risked death and gave up a comfortable senior military position to overthrow the previous government....but this brief video does-- part one:

Your sources are $$$driven bullshit propaganda supported by the US Government who keep recirculating stories of Venezuelans eating rats and zoo animals and never offer proof! (There's better evidence that zoo animals are being stolen during breakins by blackmarket dealers or drug gangs). And that aside, a so called "leftist" like you is going to take sides on the coming regime change war on Venezuela without examining the US war against Chavez and Maduro that's been going on for almost 20 years now...has made one overt regime change attempt in 02 and been increasing sanctions (along with despicable hypocritical allies) to try to starve the country out in the same manner as other regime change targets!
Mar 2017
Matosinhos Portugal
Let the Venezuelans settle their problems themselves.

For example if your country has garbage who has to clean it is its own population.

Please leave Venezuela in peace.

You would like to see your country being invaded by another country.
Mar 2017
Matosinhos Portugal
Yes see example of Iraq Libya etc. Who were invaded U.S.A and Allies today these countries are in the shit, sorry for my Latin.

friend are the interests about oil.


Trump attacking North Korea, bla bla bla
Korea has no oil.

Trump atacar Korea do Norte, bla bla bla

Korea não tem petróleo.