When will the RW finally admit it?

Jun 2018
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As long as Trump is doing what they want the RW does not give a flying fuck if he acts like a dictator. They want what they want, they do not care about the Constutuion or rule of law.
What you've just described is Democrats when Obama wallpapered the country with EOs because he couldn't get his radical laws and rules thru congress. remember what Obummer said, "Elections have consequences". Sauce fer the goose ya know.
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What you've just described is Democrats when Obama wallpapered the country with EOs because he couldn't get his radical laws and rules thru congress. remember what Obummer said, "Elections have consequences". Sauce fer the goose ya know.

And since many of those EO's were overturned/blocked by the courts. I'm sure you'll be pleased when they block Trumps as well ..... RIGHT ??
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Actually, he choked on adding the question to the census. He is now going to instruct various and sundry federal departments to scour their data and try to get a count that way.

What is interesting in all of this is that his chief fluffer, Billy Barr accused the media of going on a fake news frensie about Trump trying to circumvent the courts with an executive action, when in fact Dotard said that twice, when knowingly being videotaped.

Barr accused media of quoting things without a source, when the source very provably was Trump himself. It's a total gong show over there.
Mar 2017
Pretty sure we've been saying it from the beginning lol. It's your fault for thinking RINOS don't control the party now. Who listens to conservatives anymore LMAO. If we actually wanted Jeb or Ted Cruz they would have won the primary, wouldn't they?
Jul 2014
I would think so, that he can "circumvent" (as you put it) the SCOTUS ruling. See my reply in post # 11 (to leekohler2) for more detail.

He's actually not ignoring Congress; on the contrary. They passed the Voting Rights Act, and Trump is doing his job being a responsible POTUS by putting the question on the census to enforce that law. It's just due diligence for him to issue an EO, given that it's an option that his advisors (I'm assuming) have pointed out to him.

He's not a dictator; all this is a game to try to get him to make one false move so his adversaries can have an excuse to cry "DERELICTION OF DUTY! DERELICTION OF DUTY!" for not using all the tools he has to enforce the law. They'll say "you should've put that question on the census using EO, but you didn't, so we gotcha now! HA HA!"

Don't misconstrue what I'm saying with the notion that no EO would make one a dictator; there's a checklist that has to be met before we get to that point.
They found the emails, the citizenship question has nothing to do with enforcing the voter rights act, it's all about suppressing the Hispanic response.
That's why the court tossed it out.
May 2019
The White House has announced that they will be releasing a statement about an “executive action” that Trump will be taking in regards to the census.

He has defied Congress and now it appears he plans to defy SCOTUS.

When will the RW finally admit that they are supporting a wanna be dictator who thinks he answers to no one?
Demonstrably false. He's literally doing what the 14th Amendment Section 2 commands that he do while you happily watch ANTIFA attack journalists and the elderly and social media ban and censor half the country. Not to mention the executive orderer and chief that you fawned over for 8 years on your knees while he literally blocked the CIA from going after Hezbollah drug rings and put children in cages that you now call Nazi Germany.

Secondly, the Supreme Court literally said his act is Constitutional, but that they were interested in a more detailed reason. So he's performing what the SC just described as a Constitutional act and the Constitution itself commands under its own authority, which trumps all. What are you going to get him on? Performing an act commanded by the Constitution, of which Obama is the only President to not enforce? Or perhaps you'll try to nail him for performing an act the SC literally just said is Constitutional. Good luck with that.

But let's cut the crap. He can get all the info he'll ever need from pre Obama censuses, and then begin shrinking the number of representatives in heavily illegal immigrant filled liberal districts.

You know what's vile, evil and tyrannical? Owning the House simply because of people who aren't even US citizens per census ommission of a question which is obviously 100% valid in your own country, then whining about foreign influences in elections that your party completely made up per Saul Alinsky tactics.
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