When Will Trump Declare War on Iran?

Dec 2006
New Haven, CT
As we all know, war is the biggest distraction for any President - always has been - always will be. Hell, it took Bush from mid 40s approval ratings to 98%!

So, we know that this whole stupid Iran clusterfudge is a distraction to keep us from asking more and more questions about his obstruction of justice and treasonous criminal activities and his impeachment proceedings.

How long will it take him to get us ensnared in yet another bigtime never-ending war?
Sep 2019
As Trump has all but gutted the Pentagon of thoughtful and capable leadership, the scenario is actually something to seriously consider and the Senate would probably accept it. The house would be required in the past but all previous norms and legalities are in question anymore. This does indeed instill fear in me.
Dec 2015
he basically has already

I recall several trumpers here bragging about how he hasn't started any wars, can't wait to seem them completely change their stance on war now. Such a GD cult.
Dammit....you took my answer! HE ALREADY is. He's just recycling troops. Brings 'em home. Sends them out.
The killing of Suleimani was an assassination. Period. Just a guess, but most countries tend to get a wee bit pissed off when their leaders (loved or hated) get their tickets punched.
But here's the problem...and we can't lay ALL of this at the Master's feet because we KNOW Trump isn't smart enough to figure this mess out for himself. So which of the "adults" in the room will he listen to? Which mastermind military madman will advise?
OR....even better idea! One of his evangelical preachers? Paula White! She's got a pipeline to God.
Will Donny call Daddy Vladdy? Bibi? Prince Whosits?

AND how will our allies respond, after all the LOVE and RESPECT Donny has shown to their leaders?