White woman attempting to block black man from entering his St. Louis apartment building

Sep 2017
Here is someone that got in trouble for letting someone he did not know into the apartment building:

I live in a revitalized downtown area, so I walk almost everywhere I go. This morning, I was walking back to my apartment from the grocery store, swiped my access card to open the door, and noticed that the guy who was sitting in his car just outside the door had quickly gotten out of his car and came up behind me to gain entrance to the building. It was apparent he did not have an access card. That being said, I didn't know if he was a resident or not, so I decided to not say anything...because he was black. I most likely would have politely said something if he wasn't black, but I didn't want to be construed as being racist. We live in a relatively crime-free area, and further, he was wearing an expensive suit and was clean cut, so I really didn't think twice about it. Until this afternoon.
I got a phone call from the building superintendent, who I am on a first-name, friendly basis with, asking me to come to the office. I got an immediate sense of dread. When I walked into the office, I could see on her computer monitor, which she had turned to face the other side of her desk, to show the POLICEMAN an image of me, very obviously "letting" the man enter the building, then swiping my card to allow him access to the elevator. It gets worse...
The building superintendent then told me that the guy I let in was the estranged husband of one of the residents, and that the wife had a restraining order against him. He accessed her apartment, as he still had a key, and the locks were not changed, as the wife "didn't think it was necessary in an access-controlled building." Personally, I don't think she wanted to pay the fee to have it done. She showed me crystal clear footage of me and him at the entrance, and in the elevator, and hallway footage of him entering and then leaving the apartment, and then the building.
In any event, when he entered the apartment, the wife was sleeping, and he stole her purse, ID, money, credit cards, checkbook, Iphone, etc. as well as several pieces of jewelry, including her wedding ring.
The lady is threatening to sue me, the apartment complex is threatening to evict me, and I am not sure of any police implications I may face. I might be called to testify against him in court. I should have just told the guy I couldn't let him to piggyback off my entrance. UGH.
TL;DR: I let a guy in to my building because he was black. He broke into his soon-to-be ex-wife's apartment and stole a shit load of her stuff. I might be screwed.
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Nov 2005
Because it is funny to me to watch you just puke up the status quo
See, this is a dumb response for this thread because it has nothing to do with the "status quo".
And you're about to regurgitate some statements from me which do not actually validate any claim by you of me failing to comprehend.

Lets look
Somebody followed you back to your apartment demanding to know personal information about you?
I find it funny how right-wing people keep having these stories of what happened to them which don't mesh with the world around us...
And how does this quote demonstrate I failed at reading comprehension?
It actually demonstrates YOU FAILED at reading comprehension.

Here is what happened. This article is about apple.
You come along and try to give an apple sauce like example.
I point out we're actually talking about apple. THAT is what that question was about. Showing that what you described (apple sauce) is not what the real problem was (apple).

But this is by far my favorite
The guy LIVED THERE, so you think the "no solicitors" sign is something he should have taken into account???
Your excuses are getting more and more feeble and this is only the first page of postings...
What really cracks me up about the video is how often the woman just blatantly lies about the situation. But I guess with you and Trump, you're used to lying and don't see it as a moral issue, eh?
She says she's not comfortable being filmed? But then she follows him. Proving her statement a lie.
And if her concern were truly over something like "no solicitors", why would she care about whether or not she was being filmed?
She didn't want her racism on camera. Pure and simple.[/i]
You bring up a "no solicitors" sign which has no meaning to the actual situation.
I point this out and you think I have failed to comprehend.

Again, I ask you Sabcat...
Does this gaslighting routine of yours ever work?

And then you jump in with an obfuscational attempt that has again nothing to do with the actual topic of the thread so I'm not even going to bother quoting it.

In summary Sabcat, your dishonesty is sad.
I know you have the capability to make a point when you think you can. But then you sully that intellectual capability with the trolling crap you are pulling in this thread.

Another person who has apparently never lived in a city or in a secured building.
You keep saying that and I think it's you who has never lived in a secured building.
No apartment manager would want their tenants to try to block access as this woman did.
No apartment manager would want their tenants to follow another tenant back to their rented apartment.

Like I said, if this woman truly simply wanted the guy to use his fob to get in, why did she not simply close the door. You can see in the video she had the capability to do so repeatedly as he was completely outside the building, but repeatedly she chose not to.
THIS WOMAN LIED REPEATEDLY in the video, and you and others keep trying to give her justifiable motives in spite of the evidence to the contrary.
It's one of the disgusting things about the Republican party today. While not all Republicans are racist, it's incredibly hard to find a Republican who isn't eager to defend racist actions!
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