"Who tends to have a higher IQ, Democrats or Republicans?"

Dec 2017
What in the hell does it have to do with my observation?

Can't wait to hear your winger rationale....

I motion you would not want young children to see (or come into contact with, generally) some forms of dark fiction as you are fully aware of the power fiction has in relation to the realities of the world. Therefore, I can only conclude, you are lying through your teeth (or rather, 'fingertips') in a failed effort to support your original thesis--unaware that your actions subverted it to any (moderately) honest third-party onlooker.
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Jul 2018
Trump World! Where the circus is always in town.
Those halfwits are so rightwing that lots of old time Republicans have left the party. And rightly so. How bad must things be when I feel sorry that the Republicans (who have been total creeps for about 100 years) have lost their party?

and these dolts think the Dems have moved left when Obie was more conservative than Nixon or Eisenhower.

The drastic radical tight move by the GOp has created abigger gap than ever but it's the right that has shifted...

It funny and sad. We always knew we had nut cases in th ecountry but never considered one could come to power.

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