Who Took Advantage?

May 2018
East Coast Of U.S.A.
The media circus is still taking in hundreds of millions of tax deductible advertising dollars filling air time with the same stuff they talked about for two weeks. Media mouths all read from the same script all day every day. Naturally, media polls tell us that Brett Kavanaugh is still lying, while Christine Blasey Ford is still telling the truth.

On the plus side, media polls are in danger of the public asking about the Nutty Professor’s honesty:

Frankly, in my opinion this tune is closer to the truth in Ford’s masturbation fantasy:

Nov 2012
Lebanon, TN
The person that leaked, her Identity against her request.

Someone that Swore to keep confidential documents confidential, and broke that oath in the hopes of political Gain.

Can Diane Fienstine be prosecuted for violating shield laws? 5 years in prison.
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May 2018
East Coast Of U.S.A.

To TNVolunteer73:
Nice thought, but former Senators John Kerry and Hillary Clinton got away treason. The club will never send one of their own to jail.

Admittedly, censure is the Senate’s mildest form of punishment, but censure is better than letting Di Fi skate. At the very least Di Fi’s boney hand engineering a smear campaign against a Supreme Court nominee without proof of any kind certainly demands censure. The existence of the letter she admits to having since July is the only proof needed for Mitch McConnell to call a for vote to censure. Indeed, he should be censured if he allows Di Fi to get off scot-free.​

Censure Is The Way To Go

To TNVolunteer73: She should still be prison for this one:

A veteran California senator has resigned as chair of a powerful military construction committee after reports that for years she abused her position to award her husband’s companies billions of dollars in government contracts.​
During her six years as chair and ranking member of the Military Construction Appropriations subcommittee, Senator Dianne Feinstein annually supervised the appropriation of billions of dollars for specific military construction projects. The San Francisco lawmaker supervised her own staff of military construction experts and she lobbied Pentagon officials to support her favorite projects.​
Violations Force Feinstein Military Committee Resignation​
MARCH 29, 2007​
May 2018
East Coast Of U.S.A.
Jun 2018
South Dakota
Properly vetting is a polite way of asking: Was she lying?

See video:

Mollie Hemingway Blames The Media Of Failing To Properly Vet Christine Ford’s Story​
1:22 PM 10/07/2018​
Nick Givas​
Seek the truth? The "media" wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole. With a couple of exceptions, the MSM has no interest in the truth, just finding anything they can bash trump and his nominee with. Womens issues have become the new third rail of our politics with the Dems thinking they have the high ground. They were hi-fiveing till they learned that the Reps had suddenly grown a spine, started fighting fire with fire and were not giving in to the intimidation. I hope that if the Reps lose either the house or senate they simply copy the Dems antics and keep the loon at bay.
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