Oct 2009
Cliffside Park, NJ
Why a federal minimum wage law?

There are libertarians and/or credible economists that continue arguing the justification of a minimum wage rate. Currently, all of the world's industrial nations have government laws similar to our federal minimum wage rate, or some quasi-government organization that enforce something to accomplish our rate's purpose.

If the federal minimum wage rate statutes were eliminated, What are likely to be USA states net detrimental deliberate or unintentional harm to other states' economies? Particularly the consequences between neighboring states? The Constitutional Convention of 1787 addressed this issue and included the commerce clause within our constitution.

Currently, each state's government may, and many do expand upon the coverage and/or the amount of the federal minimum wage rate.

I'm a proponent of gradually increasing of the federal minimum wage rate to 125% of its Feb-1968 purchasing power, and then continuing to retain that purchasing power; that's of a little greater targeted purchasing power than that of H.R. 582, but I'm pleased with that last passed House resolution. It will be to Democrats' advantages in 2020.

Respectfully, Supposn
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