Why are there so many George Soros conspiracy theories?

Jun 2018
It's mostly about what he has done really. Consider it the corresponding equivalent of the investigation about the russian meddling into the US election. Foreign meddling into politics is always generating some backlash.
Dec 2016
No, im not aware of her but will look into her. That in no way surprises me. There is big money in war and even bigger in keeping people at each others necks. We can't have people w/ common interests fraternizing especially if those interests contradict those echoed by the establishment and those people have actually taken the time to pick up a few books.
This is why, in many respects, the most dangerous radicals today are the ones who are clogging up the center of the political spectrum...not rightwing or leftwing extremists as we're often told!

Tom Friedman for example! This idiot who's main accomplishment in life has been marrying into wealth, gets to portray himself as a public intellectual for a hobby, and has long complained about left and right extremists and called for a new 'moderate' party of the center....no doubt run by one of his friends like billionaire politician - Michael Bloomberg, is not taking it too well now since he's been called to answer for his fawning over the Saudi serial mass murderer - calling him a reformer and the best expression of the 'Arab Spring' so far. His upper crust friends used to be in full agreement with him/until Prince MBS decided to take out a member of the club in reportedly an especially brutal manner...up till now only reserved for Saudi dissidents that important people don't care about! But all this is what passes for "moderates" these days.

It seems that the consensus of opinion of the people who have real economic and political power are right where Friedman is, and don't want what they call 'extremists' who might spoil their fun....very lucrative fun of starting and maintaining wars all over the world now! Wars can be very dangerous and blow up big if major powers ever decide they have no choice other than fully engage with their major enemies. But, war requires constant replenishing of weapons and ammo....so don't expect the lobbyists working for companies like Lockheed-Martin (which earned an estimated $34 billion last year) to advocate beating swords into plowshares or allow anyone somewhere on the fringes of the political spectrum to do likewise!
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Dec 2013
Beware of watermelons
Many of the Soro's theories are not Theories, they are reality
Soros does not hide or deny what he is doing. Its just the legacy media does and that is the only information that the npcs can process and regurgitate.