Why do feminists act like this is actually a crisis? in reality sexual assault is down, way way down

Sep 2018
cleveland ohio
Okay that’s progress! Happy now?
actually i am i am very very glad women are getting raped less often,rape is terrible and i'm glad its dwon, i have this problem with the gun nuts to, they claim because gun banns only reduce crime and not eliminate it they are not effective, i want to see less guns less violence and less rape, in fact if i thought restricting porn would help i'd support it but i've studied this a bit and during the period porn exploded on the net sexual asualt drastically went down down down, i'm not sure why perhaps some freak co incidence but as yet there is no lnk betwen pron and rape in fact bewildering as it may seem the oppsite sems to be treu the more porn society is bombarded with the less desire there is to rape.. perhaps its all that wanking i dont know maybe the population is aging maybe its all the exposer i do not know these things are so so complex but i am happy rape is way down.. why would i not be happy about tha?
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