Why do you think the left hates Israel more than any other country?

Dec 2018
New England
The Jewish State = A Jewish State

"The Jewish State" (Theodor Herzl)

Theodor Herzl | My Jewish Learning

The Jewish State - Theodore Herzl 1896- The ideological foundations of Zionism - Complete Dowloadable e-book

Rothschild created Israel, forcing the British government to sign Balfour declaration

2 Esdras 6:55-59 (CEB) = 55 “I have said all these things before you, Lord, because you have said that you created the oldest age[a] for our sake. 56 You have said that the other nations born of Adam are nothing, that they are like spit, and you have compared their abundance to a drop from a pitcher. 57 But look now, Lord! These nations that are valued as nothing rule over us and devour us, 58 while we, your people, whom you have called your oldest offspring, your one and only child, those who are zealous for you, your dearest ones, are handed over to them. 59 If the world was created for our sake, why don’t we possess our world as an inheritance? How long will this situation last?”
Tell us what you think this means.
TNVolunteer73 said:
No, they hate America more.

Now that is a fucking blatant lie.
That's as true as the federal perjury of one nation under God with equal justice under law. Maybe the US District Court of Nazington politics business in Federal Lynching KKK churchstate of hate cops lynching enforcement decades old "serve the Pope or die" politics master plan of thieving US Constitution - old glory - old testament arsonists drugs in the synagogue megalomaniacal suicidal super egos homicide of one of Ike's WW II Pentagon staff sergeants with Mengele concentration camp baptize thine eyes by urinations defamations prior to extermination for that second coming burning Bush's 9/11 Al Qaeda health care patriot act where their repeated Christiananality pedophilia Islamophobia mentality game as a basis to go into business with Muslims to nuke Temple Mount Israel didn't seem to go as quite well as these ChristHitler Nazis master race sociopsychopathilogical mass murderers hoped for, even with SCOTUS immaculate drug conception standings.
Apr 2019
The commies killed some Jews but the commies were Jews. They were the brains behind the movement. It is all historical facts.
Then why was Bibi pictured as a Nazi? Remember Communists and Nazis did not like each other. You, and others, need to make up your minds.