Why do you think the left hates Israel more than any other country?

Dec 2016
The commies killed some Jews but the commies were Jews. They were the brains behind the movement. It is all historical facts.
Which if you haven't figured it out yet, is yet another evidence that class and social divisions exist within all nationalities, which fascists try to portray as singular entities with uniform beliefs and interests...whether speaking of their own, favored group or enemies.

So, many Jews in Europe during the 19th century lived in extreme poverty as well as being part of an oppressed marginalized minority within Europe. No surprise that so many Jews across Europe viewed nationalist ideologies which were constantly looking for excuses to start wars and expand their military forces as an existential threat, and believed their best interests would be served by being at the vanguard of a working class uprising that was gathering steam from the 1840's through to the outbreak of WWI.

Today, among topics never discussed in MSM and especially rightwing circles is that Israel today is one of the most economically unequal nations in the world, with extreme wealth and extreme poverty, and many Jews leave Israel because they find real estate prices unaffordable and are left with the lone option of moving in to occupied territories after the IDF forces Palestinians out of their homes. Many, who find that option intolerable and unsettling leave for the US, England or other destinations, so over the years, immigration into Israel is never far ahead of the exodus. Over time, the liberal democratic Jewish state becomes a mythical product, as secular Jews are replaced with Orthodox zealots. And this is why younger Jews in America aren't so dazzled by the modern state of Israel and hate the modern day conflation of Israel being equivalent to Jewish identity, which Trump exemplified a week ago, but nevertheless, a view held and reinforced by almost every other Republican and Democrat in US political office!
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Apr 2019
As in what? Be specific, what "garbage" am I repeating same as everyone else?
Do you ever have the slightest clue as to what in the fuck you're talking about?
Yes I do. I do not need to talk to a shill for the Left. You are dismissed as such.
Jul 2014
You almost got a like from me, had you said "Why do conservatives support Zionists?" instead of what you did say. Where do you get the idea that conservatives support nazis? What's your source for that?
Actually, "America First" was what American supporters of the Nazis used as a slogan.
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Feb 2014
In a time when many things seem to be getting worse, it is comforting to have faith that God is controlling what happens and He favors us and will protect us and Zionism is being on the right side of God's will.

Today, for many evangelicals, Christian Zionism is no mere side issue. They believe that they are not only correcting the ancient injustice of anti-Semitism, but contributing to the salvation of the world and the completion of God’s redemptive plans. It is, for many, the metanarrative that makes sense of the biblical drama and current events, and provides a road map for the future.
For me, the problem with Israel is the treatment of Palestinians. Taking their land, refusing to follow UN decisions about the return of land and rights of Palestinians, returning bullets when children threw stones, destroying Palestinian homes, stripping Palestinians in public, shaming them, and effectively torturing them is all despicable human behavior. This is not about Jews. It is about Zionism. Plenty of Jews have opposed what happens in Israel.
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Dec 2018

I say the goblin-like "spirit of Nazism" has taken over its ranks. What say you?
easy... if they really do... because they are not in the lead for liberality.

But the way the question was asked is not right or truthful. That question does nothing for anybody's good if in fact the left Europeans feel that way. Having such feelings within the heart/soul is not 'healthy' so the question of why they have negative feelings, either for superiority reasons or inferiority ones is not good. Rather, if the question was asked such as, 'why does one group have negative feelings towards another even though they are as 'sisters' or as 'brothers'' could help them, both sides, to see the situation from a third person, neutral, point of view instead of from the viewpoint one is stuck in the middle of with with not too many other views around to help them see the situation from another view point.

in fact this way of seeing a given situation, from a neutral, third party viewpoint, is what the 'greek' word used by The Christ Messiah, means more of rather than a 'blind' 'sorry'... The English word being, repent(ance).

Rather than 'why do YOU or why must YOU do this or that', hence forming 'personal' judgements to the YOU from the ME, or 'self', asking 'self' 'why doesn't everyone else feel/see/think the way I, ME, feels, thinks, sees, 0offers an opening up of the viewpoint that the personal judgement is only that; a personal one.

Also, let's see... Why would Church say homosexuality, homosexuals, will not go to 'heaven'?

Firstly The Holy Bible never says that they will not go to 'heaven' for example. It does, however, say that 'homosexuals' will not enter into The Kingdom of God. For those that do not know that there is a difference between The Kingdom of Heaven and The Kingdom of GOD is/are as those that do not know that there is a difference between South America and Central America and North America. So from here one can and should be able to "gauge' properly, I would like to think/believe.

And secondly, Why would 'homosexuality' have been seen as so off key if the letter written to Corinth was to a ship docking port where sailors and sea farers and sea traders were coming into port and leaving port on a continuous basis as if such practices would have been as something 'new'?

Basically the Apostle Paul was not referring to 'man lying with man as with womankind'. This 'commandment' was not handed to the Gentiles so the Apostle Paul would never have had used a commandment given to those that were led out of Egypt to or for the Gentiles.

I hope this makes a little more 'sense' rather than asking for 'blind' faith or 'blind sorry'.

And so the question, again.. Why would Church have these 'feelings/thoughts/viewpoints' as collective to GOD? Could it be for reason of 'lack of proper teaching(s)'?

Similar to teachings of certain number of virgins awaiting those that 'die', muderously, for the cause of Islam? Wrongful 'teacing(s)'?
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Jul 2018
Tell us what you think this means.
If you take the time to read the literature you will see that the authors expressed the idea that the Jews are better than everyone else and that they should be in charge. It is the same idea that is presented in the Bible.

2 Esdras 6:55-59 (CEB) =
55 “I have said all these things before you, Lord, because you have said that you created the oldest age[a] for our sake. 56 You have said that the other nations born of Adam are nothing, that they are like spit, and you have compared their abundance to a drop from a pitcher. 57 But look now, Lord! These nations that are valued as nothing rule over us and devour us, 58 while we, your people, whom you have called your oldest offspring, your one and only child, those who are zealous for you, your dearest ones, are handed over to them. 59 If the world was created for our sake, why don’t we possess our world as an inheritance? How long will this situation last?”

Just because you don't believe it doesn't mean that other people don't.
Jul 2018
Then why was Bibi pictured as a Nazi? Remember Communists and Nazis did not like each other. You, and others, need to make up your minds.
I'm not responsible for how other people depict the scummy Net an yahoo. He does act like a Nazi most of the time but I see him as someone far worse.