Why do you think the left hates Israel more than any other country?

Jul 2018
Which if you haven't figured it out yet, is yet another evidence that class and social divisions exist within all nationalities, which fascists try to portray as singular entities with uniform beliefs and interests...whether speaking of their own, favored group or enemies.

So, many Jews in Europe during the 19th century lived in extreme poverty as well as being part of an oppressed marginalized minority within Europe. No surprise that so many Jews across Europe viewed nationalist ideologies which were constantly looking for excuses to start wars and expand their military forces as an existential threat, and believed their best interests would be served by being at the vanguard of a working class uprising that was gathering steam from the 1840's through to the outbreak of WWI.

Today, among topics never discussed in MSM and especially rightwing circles is that Israel today is one of the most economically unequal nations in the world, with extreme wealth and extreme poverty, and many Jews leave Israel because they find real estate prices unaffordable and are left with the lone option of moving in to occupied territories after the IDF forces Palestinians out of their homes. Many, who find that option intolerable and unsettling leave for the US, England or other destinations, so over the years, immigration into Israel is never far ahead of the exodus. Over time, the liberal democratic Jewish state becomes a mythical product, as secular Jews are replaced with Orthodox zealots. And this is why younger Jews in America aren't so dazzled by the modern state of Israel and hate the modern day conflation of Israel being equivalent to Jewish identity, which Trump exemplified a week ago, but nevertheless, a view held and reinforced by almost every other Republican and Democrat in US political office!
That is an interesting observation. Thanks for sharing it.

There is a passage in Herzl's The Jewish State where he said that the lower class Jews should be the vanguard to settle in Palestine so that they could build it up for the more elite Jews who would come when things were suitable for their comfort. If you get the time you should read it.
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Jul 2018
In a time when many things seem to be getting worse, it is comforting to have faith that God is controlling what happens and He favors us and will protect us and Zionism is being on the right side of God's will.

For me, the problem with Israel is the treatment of Palestinians. Taking their land, refusing to follow UN decisions about the return of land and rights of Palestinians, returning bullets when children threw stones, destroying Palestinian homes, stripping Palestinians in public, shaming them, and effectively torturing them is all despicable human behavior. This is not about Jews. It is about Zionism. Plenty of Jews have opposed what happens in Israel.
One of the tactics that the IDF is using against Palestinian demonstrators is to cripple them by shooting them in the ankle. That will handicap them for life.

JULY 25, 2019 15:42

"B’Tselem – The Israel Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories said on Wednesday that the IDF’s decision to change the regulations “in no way suggests that the military attaches great value to human life. On the contrary, it shows that the military consciously chose not to regard those standing on the other side of the fence as humans. In its naivety, the High Court of Justice approved this practice. Both the military and the court bear the responsibility for this criminal policy.”

Thousands of Gazans protest along the security fence on a weekly basis, taking part in "Great Return March"demonstrations which began on March 30, calling for an end of the 12-year-long Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip."
IDF orders snipers to aim for ankles of Gazan protesters
Aug 2018
been around
I wonder; if the Left attains unalterable supremacy; would the Jews again face possible annihilation?

Doesn't it look that way?
Nov 2013
I wonder; if the Left attains unalterable supremacy; would the Jews again face possible annihilation?

Doesn't it look that way?
Doesn't the Western Left owe a great deal to Jewish writers & philosophers & theologians? (Indeed, doesn't Christianity owe a great deal - the Biblical Old Testament, for instance - to the same sources?)

Was Hitler a Leftist? Were the Czarist governments or the Soviet experiment made up solely of Leftists?

Why would the Western Left choose to uproot itself?

Israel is a country; & they make policy decisions like any other country - with a view to preserving the country into the future. That said, they face some political problems of their own making, plus the normal issues surrounding statehood in a variably hostile political environment. Does the state of Israel = the Jewish religion? I don't think it does; there seems to be more heated discussion about Israel's political & national future within the country than there is in say, Washington DC.

The Zionist project - a homeland for the Jews in Palestine - is a gamble. Before that, the Jewish response to pogroms & persecution was to scatter to more civilized countries. In Israel, the Jewish project is to build a homeland where all Jews are welcome. That puts many of the targets (of Muslim religious/political rancor, for one) into a single basket, close @ hand. It's a high-risk goal.