Why do you think the left hates Israel more than any other country?

Nov 2012
Doesn't the Western Left owe a great deal to Jewish writers & philosophers & theologians? (Indeed, doesn't Christianity owe a great deal - the Biblical Old Testament, for instance - to the same sources?)

Was Hitler a Leftist? Were the Czarist governments or the Soviet experiment made up solely of Leftists?

Why would the Western Left choose to uproot itself?

Israel is a country; & they make policy decisions like any other country - with a view to preserving the country into the future. That said, they face some political problems of their own making, plus the normal issues surrounding statehood in a variably hostile political environment. Does the state of Israel = the Jewish religion? I don't think it does; there seems to be more heated discussion about Israel's political & national future within the country than there is in say, Washington DC.

The Zionist project - a homeland for the Jews in Palestine - is a gamble. Before that, the Jewish response to pogroms & persecution was to scatter to more civilized countries. In Israel, the Jewish project is to build a homeland where all Jews are welcome. That puts many of the targets (of Muslim religious/political rancor, for one) into a single basket, close @ hand. It's a high-risk goal.
The real Jewish reply - like the real replay of every group - was socialism. Everything else is hogwash.


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Oct 2010
I wonder; if the Left attains unalterable supremacy; would the Jews again face possible annihilation?

Doesn't it look that way?
Yup, I can see it now.

Democrat peace plan for ME completed:
US launches nuclear strike on Israel

Saying, "Enough is enough, and hey, I'm a Jew," President Bernie Sanders announced the Democrats' ME peace plan that called for a nuclear strike on what formerly was the country of Israel was complete.

"After decades of failed peace talks, something had to be done. Something has been done. I declare peace in the Middle East," Sanders said in his regularly scheduled press conference on Thursday.

Muslims around the world expressed shock over the conversion of the Dome of the Rock to green glass, but Muslim leaders were unanimous in their declaration that the shrine will be rebuilt, as soon as radiation levels permit.

"True, Bernie is a filthy Jew," said Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, "but he's my kind of Jew."
Dec 2016
That is an interesting observation. Thanks for sharing it.

There is a passage in Herzl's The Jewish State where he said that the lower class Jews should be the vanguard to settle in Palestine so that they could build it up for the more elite Jews who would come when things were suitable for their comfort. If you get the time you should read it.
As I recall from reading about Herzl and the beginnings of the Zionist Movement, he was such a secular socialist that many Jewish leaders assumed he was an atheist and a secret communist. In the early years, in spite of pogroms and other forms of discrimination, most Jews in Europe considered buying land and moving to Palestine to be absurd...even though the Ottoman Empire presented no obstacles, as long as land purchases were done legally. Orthodox Jews took the scriptural prophecies that the Messiah would come, and lead the Israelites back to the Promised Land literally! So, they considered secular attempts by Jews of dubious devotion to be heresy. The Haredi Orthodox still refuse to recognize the modern state of Israel today for this reason!

What change? The First World War for one thing. The Austro-Hungarian Empire may have become unpopular with the West and Baltic nationalists, but Jews viewed the Empire as a safe haven, where minorities were free from the persecutions experienced elsewhere in Europe. Same with the Ottoman Empire, which left minorities alone as long as they didn't disrupt or criticize affairs of state. All this changed after these empires collapsed and were replaced by nationalist fiefdoms and wars between Muslim theocrats and republican nationalists in the Arab World. Neither side being friendly to non-Arabs and non-Muslims.

And then there was the rise of Nazi Germany and fascist states in Europe etc etc...

The big problem today is that the state of Israel and its allies...like the completely co-opted US and UK governments, think they can still apply the rhetoric of the 1930's - Jews facing extermination and fleeing persecution etc. The real and obvious truth is that Israel today is a military garrison state that either works for or co-opts US foreign policy. The Orthodox Israeli State has no end to demands for more and more land, and even after they push every Arab out of Palestine and Syria (yes they intend to permanently occupy western Syria also) , they will keep pushing eastward to the Euphrates River if they can't be stopped! Because of some stupid, bullshit verse that way overexaggerates King David's mythical empire in the pages of the Old Testament. And this is the guidance modern day Ziocons and assorted enablers use as their moral guide!
Apr 2019
They act like the French Resistance, and the zionists act like Hitler - which is why you jackboot buggers love them so much.
Theyact like Islamists obligated to every Jew on the face of the earth like the Koran commands. Period.