Why does Nancy Pelosi need a wall?

Mar 2013
Middle Tennessee
But she did pay for it with tax dollars. how do you become worth 16,000,000 dollars on a 150,000/year income? and paying for 2 residence?

Because her husband is a Harvard educated business man ?? Because they've been married for 50 years, no divorces no division of assets. He owns a financial and realestate investment firm. They own multiple high end rental properties. They invested early in Apple, Disney and Facebook. Maybe because no matter how often the fright wing tries to portray her as some stupid liberal bitch that doesn't have a clue, she is in fact a whole lot smarter than you will ever be.

Besides hasn't it BEEN YOU on here bragging about how on a relatively modest lab tech salary YOU PAID OFF YOUR HOUSE AND PUT TWO DAUGHTERS TROUGH COLLEGE ???
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