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Oct 2010
That is why the new hearing is a waste of time. There is nothing that can come out of it regarding an iota of a resolution. There is nothing Ford can produce that can overcome the statements by the witnesses and listed. If she does come up with something new, it can only contradict her past statements.

What is sickening are the people who believe her just because she is a woman and the people who do not believe her because she is a woman. All mere humans can do is put all the evidence on a scale and see which side drops down. The Kavanaugh side of the scale hits the bottom pretty fast. Another part of the equation is that all of these men accused of sexual harassment have a history of sexual harassment and no one-off incidents. None of that matters to the supporters of Ford.
Amen to that.
Dec 2016
Lyzza, I think we all want to be stronger, but most of us (including me) have our fears. When we walk home in the dark or when we attended parties or when we are in a "questionable" situation/relationship---we are all cautious. Women walk to their cars with their keys in hand. We walk quickly--always on alert. Some women carry guns, knives, pepper spray or whistles in their purses.
WE are always on high alert or we should be. We've been told how to dress--not to flirt--not to tease because it's dangerous. Do men think like this? Doubtful.

When I wasn't believed I didn't push forward. I didn't say "NO--this needs to be reported." I backed down and did as I was told because it would be too embarrassing--to humiliating for my family and myself. I think as women age we often get stronger because we become more confident. We all try to do the right thing and I admire Christine Ford for doing the right thing. Something happened that night and it frightened her. It also changed her life forever.
It's obvious that women face more risks and have lesser freedom of movement than men have, but the reason why it is rarely discussed seems to be most women grow up and come of age expecting that the world is a more dangerous place for them than it is for their brothers.

Part of the reason is that the size and strength differential between men and women; but a lot of the difference is that young women especially, get noticed...we don't! Most of us might give a double take/some will try to get attention with crude or vulgar remarks/ and then there's the really dangerous predators....like one I recall some years back in my former hometown who we learned from the court trial that he always kept cloroform, duct tape and rope in the trunk of his car, just in case he saw something "interesting!"

Back 30 years ago...after a notorious terrorist attack in Montreal by a university freshman who wasn't happy seeing so many females in the formerly male bastion of engineering, some feminist groups started "Take Back The Night" marches in many large cities in Canada. But the movement just had a few anniversaries and pretty much died out without making any structural changes to public safety.

I'm getting a little concerned that after a few days ago, thinking the GOP was about to stick a fork into this guy, they've decided to go for broke and pretend that Kavanaugh is on trial and deserves the same burden of proof as if he risked a prison sentence. It's not all about what Christine Ford says! Kavanaugh helped maintain the wall of silence surrounding his former boss regarding sexual offenses he admitted to. Aside from his gambling and credit problems, pretending to have heard nothing or seen nothing that his boss did, should disqualify him from nomination if nothing else!

The aftermath if Kavanaugh makes SCOTUS will be to further discredit the institution in the eyes of most Americans! Since the self-proclaimed constitutionalists and originalists have come to dominate the courts, they can make no pretense to fairness and freedom from bias. They have become mere legalistic machines to legitimize corporate power, and control by the wealthy white male ruling elites who want to further reduce any threats to their control of government. They'll toss a few bones....symbolic gestures which don't cost them anything to their rightwing base who will support rule by the rich as long as their churches can run tax-free businesses, women can't access legal abortions, trans men and women can't use a public washroom anywhere, and black NFL players must stand and salute the flag!
Nov 2012
I pretty much knew after finding out Feinstein sat on the letter until after the hearing. She could have brought it up and it could have been a game changer if accurate. I assume she had it vetted and saw the contradictions and sat on it and used it as a last ditch effort to derail Kavanaugh. One of the things that seperates us from banana republics is a system based on the burden of proof, not emotions or the desire to believe based on emotions.
Right. Because a successful career woman with children, who has documented therapy sessions about a violent sexual encounter, who has had to mover her children out of her home, because of death threats, decided to totally traumatize herself again, and her childrens lives, just to score cheap political points, all just to hurt Kavanaugh for no other reason than Feinstein was sitting on a letter.

I can only imagine the derangement of the mind that actually believes that.
Apr 2013
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Here's a question for you, what is more unbelievable, that a 17 yo got drunk and attacked a girl or that that same guy at the age of 53 still has appointment books of his from 36 years ago?
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Sep 2018
Right. Because a successful career woman with children, who has documented therapy sessions about a violent sexual encounter, who has had to mover her children out of her home, because of death threats, decided to totally traumatize herself again,
Has Any Of That Been Documented ??
Is It More We Should Just Believe Because She Says So
'documented therapy sessions'....Really ??

decided to totally traumatize herself again
It Was A Democrat That Leaked Her Identity
Republicans Didn't Know Who It Might Be
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