Why I hate Judaism

yeah, i figured you were still struggling with it. keep at it, learning new languages is challenging.
This logic certainly seems if I purchase a US Constitution with this KKK fiefdom language form the challenge is churchstate cops steal one to burn on a cross from a Navy Hospital with standing. Following that Christiananality pedophilia business reasoning certainly makes sense for this Islamidiotocracy national religion as to when buying a US Constitution at the National Archives after getting out of being hospitalized due to West Nazi Germany Virginia KKK churchstate cops who are always free can steal & burn that US Constitution at SCOTUS the day JFK was assassinated just as when trying to obtain medical treatment at a Navy Hospital after having another National Archives purchased US Constitution along with other shopping of an old glory wrapped in plastic inside of an old testament, which thieving arsonists stole & destroyed resulting in seeking medical treatment gives them standing for theft & burning on a cross the US Constitution off the wall just as 23 subsequent thieving US Constitution - old glory - old testament arson incidents in 3 1/2 years attending university as if the burning Bush's Federal Lynching KKK churchstate of hate cops attempts to baptize thine eyes by urinations as "man is God" Christ existed before God ChristHitlers grants Rehnquist SCOTUS standing to Arab "death to the infidels" flying carpet terrorists in that Nuremberg Trials tradition of being just a too dang lily brilliant white Islamidiotocracy of "serve the Pope or die" dhimmitude servitude suicidal super egos megalomaniacal slave trade where if one should buy a gravesite in Israel KKK fiefdom churchstate cops can buy Temple Mount in Israel to nuke with SCOTUS standing & those Twin World Trade Towers could be attacked by the burning Bush's second coming from just visiting NYC.
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yeah, i figured you were still struggling with it. keep at it, learning new languages is challenging.
Wanna be shiksa religiously still dictating that national clues clucks duh clans Christiananality pedophilia business mentality Islamidiotocracy "death to America" malfeasance where if one reports that firemen start the fires to Eisenhower for a flag which was presented to one of his WW II staff sergeants leaving Pentagon service stolen & burned in the late 1950's as "serve the Pope or die" cops commit crimes of stealing & burning 24 more American flags over 3 1/2 years at university in the KKK churchstate fiefdom which were swapped out for Eisenhower presented for business excellence old glories without ones knowledge as the Christian Nation national religion law of the land cognitive dissonance Nazi economics of ChristHitlers is just way too dang lily brilliant white in hatred of Judaism.

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