Why the economy is better under Trump


Forum Staff
Oct 2010
Turns out that it isn’t the Obama Stimulus finally kicking in.

The business community, who drive the economy, are more confident that the government won’t be regulating and taxing businesses into bankruptcy.

Trump didn’t really have to do anything, just keep his mitts off.
But he did do something.

He removed sensible environmental protections and abandoned fiscal responsibility. He's selling off our children's and grandchildren's future for monetary profits right now, with most of those profits going to people who already were sittin' pretty.

He practices a form of capitalism that was rampant 130-140 years ago here in Colorado. Go after that gold vein, pile all the toxic tailing around the mineshaft, and when the pumps can't handle the water flowing into the shaft, walk away profits in hand.

Many of those mines are still polluting streams at the headwaters with toxic outflows today. If they are to be mitigated, clearly the ones who made the profits won't be doing it. Their great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren will.
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