Why there's no evolutionary reason to "believe" in evolution

Oct 2019
Given that according to evolution itself, "believing" in evolution has no worth except in superstitious theory, unless it benefits their "survival" or "mating success" in some way - and if anything, ironically one's enthusiasm for the theory of evolution often inversely proportional to their actual mating success - meaning in some cases, it might be better off to "not believe" in it than to do so, if you actually want to succeed at it.

Let's buy into some racist stereotypes here - let's "pretend" that this handsome young black fellow has a below average IQ - in practice though, who do you think is actually doing more mating with beautiful women, white, black or otherwise?

As opposed to this... err... specimen here, let's say he's a morbidly obese, white 30 something year old fellow with an IQ of 105, let's say his keyboard is sticky, and that he has a very attractive waifu, and proudly identifies as an "incel" or "MGTOW" or something from one of those online freak shows that purport themselves to be "communities".

Let's say this thing here "believes" in evolution, or "believes in science", proudly chants that "evolution is fact", or thinks that "intelligence" is important or something - whatever that means - with all the naivete of believing in some ghost, some goblin, some Flying Spaghetti Monster. As if evolution actually cares "what your believe in", including it itself.

In practice, it doesn't seem that "believing" in evolution did anything to make this specimen any less of an evolutionary defective, waste of oxygen, member of the surplus population, or give it any chance of reproducing, at least consensually speaking - rape, roofies, or whatever those at the bottom of the evolutionary hierarchy do due to lack of any voluntary attention from females - per the evolutionary psychologist Robert Wright.

So of course, the beautiful irony about evolution is that there's no evolutionary reason to believe in it to begin with, maybe even more reason not to than to - unless you believe in some quaint, "faith-based" reason for believing in "evolution", "science" (or what those of a 6th grade education typically call "evolution" or "science at least") as some quaint end in and of itself, like the naïve follower of a deity.