Why Voters need to be Qualified to Vote

Jun 2012
The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation recently put questions from the U.S. Citizenship Test to American citizens, only one in three could pass the multiple-choice test.

According to the foundation, only 13% of Americans knew when the Constitution was ratified, and 60% didn't know which countries the United States fought in World War II. Most couldn't correctly identify the 13 original colonies, which at least is something of a teaser. But only 24% could identify something that Ben Franklin was famous for, and 37% thought it was for inventing the light bulb.

Even with a highly contested Supreme Court nomination now in play in the Senate, 57% of Americans couldn't say how many Justices are on the Court. Older Americans did much better than younger Americans -- only 19% of the under-45 crowd passed -- which probably reflects the declining state of American public schools. None of this augurs well for the future of self-government.

Twelve percent of those surveyed said Gen. Dwight Eisenhower is famous for leading troops during the Civil War.

76 percent couldn't state any reason the colonists fought the British during the Revolutionary War.