Will Sanders and Warren Voters Go along with the Party Bosses?

Feb 2020
When Trump made the scene in 2016, the GOP Party Bosses were not happy. Not at all.

They are as much elitist snobs as the Dem establishment and they did not want some real estate billionaire, show biz personality taking the prize spot they save for their best syncophant.

But they didn't pull the kind of schenanigans that the Dems pulled to make sure Hillary was nominated or that the Dems are pulling this year to get their chosen one elected.

More to the point, this year they are working to eliminate non-chosen ones. All the people who supported, donated to and voted for Warren or Sanders were completely dissed - disrespected and disregarded - by the Party. The party should have just told them what was up so they could have saved their money.

If they succeed after making no secret of what they've been doing, I hope the Bernie and Warren supporters on here won't take it lying down and go vote as they are told because Trump.