Women’s March Cancelled Over Diversity Fears

Sep 2018
cleveland ohio
I can see what is wrong with this, I am sure conservatives can . Can you? You want the world to be perfect it isnt, in the process which i might add has been tried many times before you will produce this its okay to try to make th world a better place, you cant force people to be perfect, it has been tried before
with night marish results

A planned Women’s March in California has been by canceled the organizers over fears about the lack of diversity from those taking part.
The march in the town of Eureka, in Humboldt County, was due to take place on January 19. In the run-up to the event, the organizers described being “at a crossroads” as they sought to create an event that “represents all members of our community.”
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In a statement posted on Facebook, the organizers have confirmed that the event will now no longer be going ahead, following “conversations between local social-change organizers and supporters of the march."
"The local organizers are continuing to meet and discuss how to broaden representation in the organizing committee to create an event that represents and supports peoples who live here in Humboldt,” the statement added.

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