Women Aren't a Monolith

Dec 2016
Perhaps so? But i know and work with tough conservative women who are the equal of any man when it comes to formulated opinions. They're not a monolith in thinking or by action. They speak their minds, sometimes in support of Trump and other times thinking he is the biggest shrieking idiot on the globe.

But (for al their rebellious spirit) everyone of them believe in the law (even those who served time behind bars. Yes quite a few conservative woman i work with were convicted on drug charges or other crimes) and fair play. Things they see to be in short supply today.

You cannot boss them around, even if your their husband or the boss at work. They aren't stupid nor are they mindless followers.
Great, but where do those conservative women fall on issues like attempted rapists and perjurers getting nominated to the Supreme Court?
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Dec 2016
This is an age where either gender lives can be ruined besides an allegation of rape. Simple unfortunate bad timed tweets, misunderstood jokes, a second too long of a hug, the wrong voice inflection or lack of context, being accused of being a racist, or really anything once trivial now getting mixed with the serious can ruin lives.

Innocent before being proved guilty in a court of law means little anymore, but a lot to me.
Hold on a second! Neither Brett Kavanaugh, nor any other nominee to the Supreme Court should be treated as if they are on trial with this presumption of innocence nonsense! This is about applying for a job/not defending yourself from criminal charges in court!
Kavanaugh failed the test for exhibiting proper "judicial temperament" by a longshot. He left several examples of perjured testimony behind that were never followed up on by the rushed hearings nor by this bullshit 5 day FBI investigation...that didn't interview any more witnesses. It was a sham, and you've got a corrupt clown with a history of favoring corporations over private citizens in 87% of the cases brought before him, and got Trump's interest because he's been making a case for executive immunity from prosecution.....enjoy!

Not a media trial made up of my shaming peers, but a court trial made up by a jury of impartial peers. This is why democrats are pushing me grudgingly back into the Republican fold.

Well done.
As an article I read in the real conservative journal -- American Conservative pointed out a week ago, the Senate is supposed to conduct the investigations and interviews with nominees/not the executive branch by way of the FBI. That's the constitutional process that's supposed to be done...and that they're not bothering to follow through on. And once again--it's not a trial!

Regarding Dems vs Repubs, doesn't anyone down there ever think of voting third party? How do you think your interests will be served by choosing one of two corporate-owned political parties to vote for?
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Dec 2017
Something has been bothering me--a lot--so maybe our posters can help me wrap my head around this article from The Guardian:
Women aren't a monolith – and the white women supporting Kavanaugh prove it


I can help you with this one Clara. See, there are many respectable women out there who actually care for and love the men in their lives, fathers, sons, brothers, husbands, etc.--and basic human empathy dictates they grow anxious/concerned, realizing anyone of those guys could potentially have their lives effectively ruined by a complete fabrication from any woman who now no longer even needs a coherent story--let alone evidence.
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