Women in Combat is a Mistake

Dec 2016
I say that’s exactly what makes them necessary. You just want to sit back and do nothing while millions, possibly even billions are raped, enslaved and murdered? You just want to sit back and do nothing while terrorist groups become stronger and stronger, planning and executing massive attacks on the West in their global jihad?
R2P is the biggest and most dangerous fraud being perpetrated today! Give me an example of where the "protectors" stopped rape, enslavement or murder/but on the contrary, have overthrown regimes...like the coup against Gadaffi in Libya that led exactly to RAPE, SLAVE MARKETS AND MURDER OF BLACK AFRICANS, and not only aren't the 'protectors' doing anything about it, US and other western media aren't even bothering to report on the situation. For this reason, I don't believe any of the selective outrage and concern troll stories I get from MSM where the US&allies are trying to overthrow governments they want out of the way!

Take a long view of history and you'll discover that the British Empire...joined by the Americans after WWI cultivated ties with all of what are now considered Islamic extremists today. The Brits supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, because the nationalists were uncompromising about letting English stay around and run the Suez Canal; just as they backstabbed Hussein-the Emir of Mecca and Medina..considered the legitimate ruler of Arabia and gave leftover guns and artillery to Ibn Saud...who set up the family business that still runs Arabia today. They knew Saud had a partnership with the Wahabbis needed to provide some legitimacy for his rule. But, England, joined later by the Americans decided that it was better to support them than secular and marxist nationalists.

In Afghanistan...mentioned previously, the US wanted to create a "Vietnam" for the Soviet Union and put so much weaponry(including Stinger Missiles) behind the Mujaheddin...trained by the Pakistani Military, that the Soviets were forced to send their troops in to support the Communist Government in Kabul...that worked out well, didn't it?

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