Worldwide Muslim backlash at US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital

Jun 2013
1. DONALD Trump officially announced the US will recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital in a 'declaration of WAR' amid global fury over the controversial announcement.

Speaking at the White House today, the US President said his announcement was nothing more than a "recognition of reality and the right thing to do, something that has to be done".

He announced that the United States will recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel after days of speculation.

And he directed the State Department to begin looking for a site for an embassy in Jerusalem, in a move from their existing site in Tel Aviv - a process which is expected to take years, although Trump has signed a six-month delay to the move.

'IRRESPONSIBLE' Turkey condemns Trump Israel speech as protests break out across Istanbul.

...his announcement has been met with global condemnation, with the Tunisian Labour union UGTT declaring Trump’s speech as tantamount to a “declaration of war” as they called for mass protests across the middle east....

Trump called his decision a "a long overdue" step to advance the peace process and added: "I have determined that it is time to officially recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. While previous presidents have made this a major campaign promise, they failed to deliver. Today, I am delivering."...

The move has also been met with outrage from around the world.

A Palestinian envoy said the decision was a declaration of war in the Middle East....

2. ....A certain passage in the Koran links the Prophet Muhammad with Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. That passage, the seventeenth Sura, entitled 'The Night Journey', relates that Muhammad was carried by night 'from the sacred temple to the temple that is most remote, whose precinct we have blessed, that we might show him our signs...' Muslim belief identifies the two temples mentioned in this verse as being in Mecca and Jerusalem.

According to tradition, Muhammad's mystic night journey was in the company of the Archangel Gabriel, and they rode on a winged steed called El Burak (meaning `lightning'), which according to Islamic Hadith tradition was a winged, horse-like creature that was "smaller than a mule, but larger than a donkey." Stopping briefly at Mt. Sinai and Bethlehem, they finally alighted at Temple Mount in Jerusalem, and there encountered Abraham, Moses, Jesus and other prophets, whom Muhammad led in prayers. Gabriel then escorted Muhammad to the pinnacle of the rock, which the Arabs call as-Sakhra, where a ladder of golden light materialized. On this glittering shaft, Muhammad ascended through the seven heavens into the presence of Allah, from whom he received instructions for himself and his followers. Following his divine meeting, Muhammad was flown back to Mecca by Gabriel and the winged horse, arriving there before dawn.

At this hallowed site, known in Arabic as Haram al Sharif, the 9th Caliph, Abd al-Malik, built the great Dome of the Rock between 687 and 691....

3. Facing a big backlash from the Muslim world for making a mockery of Muhammad's Night Journey by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital, the US is trying to deflect mounting Muslim outrage by stoking up ethnic unrest in the Chinese province of Xinjiang. :)
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Nov 2013
The US had argued that it was an impartial third party to peace talks in the Mideast, & qualified to mediate some kind of permanent peace agreement between Israel, the Palestinians, & the Arab & Persian & other countries in the area. That's gone now, years of US diplomacy - however muddled - thrown away.

It's not clear what's supposed to replace the US former neutral stance. The economic aid we're apparently offering the Palestinians to help them swallow US diplomatic maneuvering in Israel aren't being accepted, to date. Can Palestinian leadership rely on the Trump administration to stick to their stated positions? Trump has a reputation for volatility & going it alone.

Are potential Palestinian partners in some kind of rump negotiations for a settled agreement to all the Middle East issues willing to risk their political & physical lives on the reliability of the Trump administration? Given the track record thus far (on all sides), & the fact that survivors of leadership among the Palestinians have to walk a very fine line (as does the Israeli political leadership, for that matter), I don't see any realistic hope that the US (with willing partners on all sides of the negotiations) can achieve a peace breakthrough - or even set the groundwork/framework for a permanent ceasefire & some kind of informal agreement leading to further negotiations on a permanent solution - sometime in the future.