'Worse Than Watergate': Intel Memo Reveals FISA Abuse by Obama, DOJ and FBI Officials

Sep 2015
Lehigh Valley Pa.,USA
That's right Tris and Clara.....this will all just go away....You do not have any problems with obstruction of justice and abuse of power as long as it is your side that is doing it......I hope to hell this scandal finally gets exposed for the massive fraud that was played on the good people of this country...
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Apr 2013
La La Land North
Damn. Talk about a non story that nobody cares about. I've seen reaching before, but...
At least it's a change from blaming Hillary. I guess even they got bored of that.
Nov 2017
Everyone should be concerned how the FBI can decide who to protect and who to throw under the bus.
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Dec 2012

worry about the criminal currently occupying the Oval Office
Other than Fox, have you seen much by the MSM covering this? Why? This goes to the heart of corruption within our own FBI. An agency that is suppose to be politically neutral. Not only were they non-neutral there were those that were actively working to defeat Trump. This cannot be tolerated!!
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