Would the media be hammering Trump if it looked like he'd married his sibling?

Feb 2019
I will repeat my previous statement.

Representative Omar did not marry her sibling. That is a completely false rumor that started by an anonymous poster with no factual basis. It since has developed and blossomed into a flurry of lies and misinformation in a web of conspiracy.
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Mar 2013
Middle Tennessee
I think they would. What say you?

If you have even one shred of actual evidence, that’s not just rumors and innuendo from anonymous internet bloggers, then post it here. Other wise you are as guilty of spreading FAKE NEWS as the president claims the media is.

Marcus Livius

Former Staff
Sep 2017
The anti-Trump media would run with it. However you have not provided a single shred of proof of Omar marrying her brother, but you continue to run with it, with yet ANOTHER thread about the Omar sibling wedding.