Aug 2018
I don't know where I'm going...but I know where I've gone
I've gone wrong
I'm really stressed, so please hand me a bong
my brain is on the edge, I'm rarely ever calm
on the outside I seem cold, inside I'm warmer than a tonton
life is like a song

you write it how you want
but in the end it either fits the beat you're dealt or not
I'm feelin' kind of pissed so just poor my ass a shot
and let me smoke a hundred grams of crack and meth and pot
when I spit the shits like dragons breath, it's hot
I laugh at death, I passed the special OPS
classes' test with top
scores, while dozing off and bitch I haven't yet forget
how to crack a neck and pop
legiments, you couldn't get inside my massive frickin' top
if you dissected my skull after you smashed it with a rock
I'm not passive aggressive cause' I'm so mad, I passed aggressive, twat
I fucking hate you if you haven't guessed the plot
I'm fucking savage bitch, I'll chop
your ass to bits and fuckin' splash em' in the pot
then turn you into soup while I have a fifth of scotch
you think it's time to piss me off? I think it's time to get my glocc
firing off at mouth, just call it pistol talk
I make ballistas start shittin' bricks and blocks
I make Janissaries act like fairies and make nuclear missiles lick my cock
I'm a sadomasochistic narcissistic shark
ballistic, with conflicted twisted thoughts
who wants to see you ripped apart
so he can feel your body liquids in his socks

I told you that I'm crazy
societies what made me
lyin' to me daily
so I'm only crazy sanely
I just stay untamed be-
-cause I don't wanna be like the people I see that behave weak
they reek
of nothing but a giant stack of slave meat
and I'd rather be nuts then be some stupid lame sheep
so let me eat your babies
let me rape you in the face please
let me scrape your brain clean
brainwash you to obey me
before I stick a blade deep
in this bag of cocaine leafs

and crush them into powder with my bare fists
I'm on a higher level of conscious awareness
a darelict embarrasment
a terra-splittin' terrorist
a barrel-fisted arrow spittin marrow lickin' feral Gryph