Yesterday's Corey Lewandowski Hearing

Nov 2012
forgive me, because I wasn't able to follow it yesterday, and haven't been able to watch the whole thing,

but it was quite the spectacle from what I'm hearing

it started out as you would expect Collins melting, Dems letting L'Dowski flounder and obstruct all over the place

Lewandowski did admit trump gave him a note to give Sessions to try to obstruct justice, but Lewandowski claims he didn't deliver because he went on vacation

anyway this happened during set break

there were 3 people called to testify, and L'dowski was the only one to show, and he did it to advertise for a senate campaign

and it was working pretty well, until Independent attorney Berke stepped in for questioning, and apparently he twisted Lewandowski into a ball of sleezeball twine that was unraveling everywhere

(I'm told the Berke questioning is a must-watch for those of us who are still patriots and believe in rule of law)

the clip of L-dawg saying he doesn't have to be honest with the public needs to be played on repeat during his Senate campaign

sorry for the hearsay-y cliffs notes, I plan to watch the hearing when I get a minute, and go into more detail
His ass should be sitting in jail right now. He’s another on he list that should face the new DOJ, minus Barr, when a new President is sworn in.
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