Z Day 2018 Frankfurt - Basic Income / Postwork

Nov 2017
Right now I'm not quite fully or necessarily on board with the universal basic income concept; I think it might be possible (feasible/sustainable) if implemented in the right way.

One prerequisite for me is that it should not violate libertarian principles (as well as not violate principles of math/logic/science/etc.), and it seems to me that there may actually be a way that not only doesn't violate libertarian principles (specifically involving limiting capitalism to a free market system), but would actually be a solution or implementation that probably abides by libertarian principles more consistently than the most free market societies we have today (but that's just based on my perception, and I could be wrong about that).

Anyways, I found it interesting when the presenter poses the question about what we are paying to do without a basic income, in the last few minutes of his presentation. At least it points out a practical aspect (economically more efficient reason) for having a basic income:

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